Wednesday, February 1, 2012

DotA 6.73c AI Status *again*

Here is what Green_Sliche wrote about the map developing process:

6.73c content is ported completely, we even made new loading screen and ofcourse map already has new codename. What it is? It's a secret, but it fits new map perfectly.

Right now we test new item build system wich supposed to be broken itembuild-free and simpler than old one. As you can guess new item builds are comming, aswell as new items for AI and even more.

Overally we plan to add and tweak many things ( such as dodge mech and gank system ) so this version will take a while, but I'm sure this one will be even more special than all previous AI maps combined.

All the heroes need item builds made up for the new item system. I`m planning to overhaul Invoker`s AI too... as it got nerfed versions ago and he needs new combos, skill builds and maybe items. That is from us now. Patience is a virtue.