Sunday, May 19, 2013

DotA v6.77c AI 1.4c Rev2

DotA v6.77c AI 1.4c Rev2(DOOMSDAY) Released

Greetings people! A fast update of the map to version AI 1.4c Rev2:


  • -xm Mode values has been buffed. 
  • Added a definite Lanaya's Traps bugfix. 
  • Fixed a problem with Lone Druid`s item build stopping the progress after a certain item.

DOWNLOAD: DotA v6.77c AI 1.4c Rev2.w3x


Have fun!

Saturday, May 11, 2013

DotA v6.77c AI 1.4c

DotA v6.77c AI 1.4c(DOOMSDAY)

Greetings people! Here is the updated version of AI 1.4c:


  • Improved DW's Mana Drain, NA's Mana Burn, AM's Mana Void, and KotL's Mana Leak
  • Improved Zeus' Arc Lightning
  • Reworked -am and -xm mode. Now -am is -hehgdedg, while -xm is -nengdedg with increased dynamic bonuses.
  • Added Shadow Amulet price for AIs
  • Fixed AI item/recipes prices up to the changes in DotA 6.73. Most of the prices should be ok.

Friday, April 12, 2013

DotA v6.77c AI 1.4b Rev2 (DOOMSDAY)

DotA v6.77c AI 1.4b Rev2(DOOMSDAY)

Greetings people! Here is the updated version of AI 1.4b:

Saturday, March 9, 2013

DotA v6.77b AI 1.4

Greetings people! Long time no see!
Hopefully you are still alive, waiting for the new AI map.

Here we are again with this fine AI map release, thanks to the countless hours of developing time contributed by the AITeam members.

This release is having some heavy tweaks to the items system + AI`s having their own courier to bring them the goods. The new heroes got their AI too and the biggest news from the team are... our new developer - Ciel_Asuka. Blending well and adjusting to the script, Ciel will make us all happy.

Also, we sent Green_Sliche to talk with the AIs in person and get their item preferences on list. He did not also bring them to us... but he used his time there to teach the AIs using some of the new and old items.. which they didn`t use yet. With fewer words: Green made all the item builds.

Why DOOMSDAY you will ask? Well, we had that 12.12.12 date, when we would all die from horrible events... and we were in so so great danger that the AITeam decided that we should celebrate the death avoidance during the whole 2013. So.. that`s the reason.

Enjoy DotA v6.77b AI 1.4, codenamed DOOMSDAY!




DotA v6.77b AI 1.4 EN

Friday, December 28, 2012

Happy Holidays!

Hello my dear friends,

Firstly i want to wish you Happy Holidays and Happy New Year from me and the AITeam.

Secondly... we are currently working on porting all the features of the new maps up to 6.77. When finished, all the broken&new skills and AI usage must be fixed. Also the new heroes will need some basic AI :) Item builds needs tweaking too. A very FAT TODO list... loads of work. And i`m not saying anything about perfecting the general AI and tweaking the personal hero conditions!

Also a new developer joined our AI team! Say 'Hi' to Ciel (Asuka).
Keep rocking! We sure do!

Best Wishes,

Sunday, December 16, 2012

DotA 6.77 AI Status

Good news, people. Next week i`ll be available to start porting the 6.77 map.
We will also try to collaborate with AsukaHost (PD) so we can do things much faster in the future.
Expect more news!


Thursday, November 15, 2012

DotA 6.76 AI Status

Hello, again.

I`m still in a process of renting a flat in Germany(Munich)... apparently this is a very hard thing, even if you can pay for it. Please, stop filling my inbox asking for links. No work is done on the map yet, so there are no links. I`m getting the files i need soon and i may begin preparing the port... but i can`t work without a workstation. Developing on a tablet is impossible :)

Hopefully things will change for the better before the holidays.