Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Quick update

Hello, guys.
Just a quick update on the status of the AI map.
The item builds for 6.68 series are ready. The AITeam are testing them. As you know in 6.69 there are changes in some items and recipes and that will need another item build overhaul. There is a new mode called -ld (Low Dodge Mode). Some users complained how AI (Normal and Hard) are dodging almost always Pudge`s Hooks and some other skills. The mode will compensate that problem... it will be available as a command from the hosting player. Writing -old once will enable that mode and writing it again will disable it. You`ll see a message with the current status of the mode.
That mode affects Meat Hook but also Nerubian Assassin's Impale, Demon Witch's Impale, Fissure, and Ice Path.

There are some weird bugs which we will address. Also i started renaming and deobfuscating a lot of functions and variables... i hope that will make the work on the script easier.


  1. good news
    -ld seems great, i always laugh that ai 99% dodges hook or elune's arrow :D

    thx for 667b rev d, very breaktrough, building items is so good after a long time

    my suggest :
    give more intelegent for defending , sometime ai wont back at base when enemy come attacking

  2. SO ,,
    When it will be release ??

  3. Does Elune Arrow will also be affected? ;p

  4. lot's of work :D gluck and cheers.

    interesting mode :) sometimes it's annoying when AI dodging :D, but it also a good way to practice to execute the mode from blind spot :p

    thx anyway

  5. just curious about the AI itself, will their behavior change to something that is more positive? for example, they become more cleverer,etc....btw, i really appreciate what u & the Ai team have done so far! thanks!

  6. Just out of curiosity... will the updated AIs be put into the automatic selection pool, or will they have to be selected by the players?

  7. Meat Hook, Nerubian Assassin's Impale, Demon Witch's Impale, Fissure, Burrowstrike and Ice Path.
    Mirana`s arrow... i`ll check for it later.

    I found the forbidden hero filter and i removed/added the needed heroes there. So every AI hero which deserves ... will be picked in the auto selection.

    If i had less map related problems i could work more on the AI related problems.... but when the map code is bad... AI won`t work at all.

  8. PBMN, I'm hope that you'll can understand my bad English.
    Please, can you add cm-mode for AI? Or just if other side is one not AI player? Please, add to new dota cm or cm1 mode. Thank you.

  9. 1 Question coming from me again will I get to play soon ??? =D Like real soon ???

  10. Oh my!!!! I can hardly defeat insane ai's of your current map and yet you add another mode to make them stronger? I would be the noobest of all noobs! lol!

    This could zip the mouth of those retards that bullies the ai heroes. Thanks PBMN, once again another epic in the making from you.

  11. how can i be ur ai map tester? i really want to join it....

  12. how about making AI more intelligent.