Saturday, November 27, 2010

Second BETA stage

After some testing, the most crucial bug is not appearing. Now i`m starting to make some AI changes and another BETA will be rolling. If no crucial BUGs appear... we can release 6.68c BETA map to the public. I also got 6.69`s changes and i`ll begin working on moving the 6.69`s content into the AI map.


  1. Wow.. Fast...
    Gondar: As fast as i can...

  2. cool ) Thank you for your job!
    and please... add the cm mod? or when on another side play just one not ai player.
    Please ) but if it is very difficult-don't thinking about it...
    Sory for my bad English )

  3. I am waiting such a long time =(

  4. I <3 U bro. Glad to know that the map will be out soon :D Thanks~~~~~~~~

  5. Good job guys, glad to see the map progressing along nicely. Thanks for your hard work and keep it up!

  6. i will waiting
    good luck


  7. i've heard a rumor of the 6.68 AI BETA is Release, so i went to check it myself, I went to this blog website in which they called themselves, and is there ready to be download, I just wanna ask if this map(6.68 AI BETA) belongs to u, which that is from that u made from scratch, or is it just someones else work?, I went to your blog and click Downloads Archive and don't see any relating map 6.68 AI BETA ready to be download . . . . :'(

  8. Well i guess i found some bug today, when i using "Io - The Guardian Wisp", when i use "spirit" its not giving damage to enemy heroes but give damage to allied heroes. and when the spirit exploded close to himself, Io receive the damage also not the enemy heroes.

  9. @velther OFC it is bugged. You are playing an ANCIENT LEAKED version... prolly the first try to port 6.68c data. It had some errors with global variables.... and that`s why there are those bugs.