Saturday, October 2, 2010

This is 6.68c AI

Yay. Kaldr is a beast. My new DagonFinish check works pretty good... mwahhh. After release make sure u test a game... vs Demon Witch, Kaldr, NA, Pugna and maybe OD or anyone else with a Dagon :P
That`ll prolly rock your socks lol.
My friends will leave DotA after i introduce them to TEAM DAGON lol.

PS. Tell me what u think about Kaldr, Ancient Apparition and are you sorry that he got nerfed in 6.68c.
PS2. Btw that screen means i fixed the items and recipes assembling!


  1. can he ks?
    i mean like he in the top lane
    then some enemy hero in btm lane got 1 hp left
    can he shoot his ult to the right position?
    or his ult only used in clashes only?

  2. Predicting the movement of fleeing heroes is too hard. But some day i can try to scan the whole map for enemies under 200HP for example.

  3. Great to see you putting so much effort into this.

    Is it someway possible to improve the '-oa # #' command? I don't know if I'm doing something wrong, but I just can't get them to attack properly - maybe there're too many/unrealistic circumstances, that the AI's checking before attacking?

  4. If its possible I wouldn't mind beta testing. Team dagon will prolly piss me off xD

  5. Well, there might be problems with those commands... u are the second one who says that. I`ll have to check.

    Jin Min i`m far from beta atm :) just too many holes to fill.

  6. Estaria encantado que me pudieran dar la oportunidad de trabajar con ustedes en el proyecto de los mapas de dota allstars stoy enterado que no hay ningun pago de por medo para desarrolar los proyectos AI en dota lo cual no es muy prioritario para mi en este momento lo haria con mucho gusto en mi tiempo libre, por favor me gustaria tener una respuesta de parte de ustedes gracias. Atentamente un admirador de dota - warcraft. Luis Carlos Yllescas Cayao / Lima - Perú /numero telefonico 996647212 /Muchas gracias

  7. te apoyamos desde Mexico! gracias por los mapas AI!!!
    deverdad gracias!!
    no dejes que los trolls te jodan vamos

  8. i really want mode -cm or -cd in AI map, the AI randomize ban/pick heroes or have the strategy, it's up to you! Btw, thanks to your AI map! Hope to see that mode in AI map!

  9. i really want -cm and -cd in AI map, AI player randomize ban/pick heroes or have the strat, it's up to you! thanks for your map and hope to see those mode in new AI maps!

  10. yess, i was immensely disappointed that he got AA got nerfed. especially the cooldown of his ulti. 20s spam is just uber cool.. altho it seems like too short a cd, bear in mind that the ulti is quite hard to master, pros can dodge it, and the damage isnt THAT high.. so yeah, im really praying that the old AA will be restored in the near future...

  11. Hi!

    I don't wanna disturb you with questions like this, but will you finish this version in like 2 months?:P
    Btw I really like you AI mod, Im playing with it almost every day!!NICE WORK!!!

  12. I really hope i get it done before 2 more months pass lol :)

  13. wohoo, AA's owning
    but u played from the beginning and let them level up normally or u just made them level 25 right after the game started?

    Cause AA's ultimate at lv 3 is... yeah, owning

  14. CM mode will help me to play as 1vs1 with my friend when my team don't have enough member to play in teamwar and i haven't play in pub game for a long time, i hate pub game also!

  15. cm mode will help me to play with my friend when my team doesn't have enough member to play in teamwar. And i no longer play in pub game, i hate pub game also! thanks !