Tuesday, November 30, 2010

A little -test of Razor, Lightning Revenant

After a remake of Razor, Lightning Revenant - he stopped using his new skills. Now when he got his ultimate upgraded and when Deel decided to put an Aghanim`s to his item build, i tried to fill that hole and added some code to make Razor more useful. In the movie i couldn`t see if he used the Static Link, but i`m sure i saw it used in some of my other tests. This is only a basic test.. i hope i`ll find the time to enhance his conditions.

Note: I also tried to work on Thrall but things didn`t get as good as i expected. So it needs some more work and debugging. Also you can see some debug messages... so u can ignore Thrall and the debug info :)

Here is the file: RazorTest - 132.74 Mb

Sunday, November 28, 2010

Leaked STOLEN BETA on d-u shit site

Hello, again. I stood up from bed today and what i see... my work on some shitty copy-paste blog. Wtf? Too bad the version they got is too old... it doesn`t even have the -alldagons mode. The bots are with broken item builds and i bet all 6.68c content isn`t even there. The reworked skills are the old ones. It`s a pity how shitty websites try to earn from others work. I hope everyone who supports me will add this website to his "banned" list. Such a behavior doesn`t help.. it`s demotivating and just PLAIN WRONG. Now i have to fight with myself to start working on the script again. If you didn`t know, editing 90 000 obfuscated lines needs fully determination and concentration and those nasty people doesn`t help maintaining my comfort level. Well, now i don`t care what i`ll release from now on. Working or not you`ll have the AI map... but i`ll rethink my future involvement with developing further updates. Good work dota-utilities. You better hire up an AI dev from now on.... that way u`ll have more interesting updates without blatantly STEALING things.

Saturday, November 27, 2010

Second BETA stage

After some testing, the most crucial bug is not appearing. Now i`m starting to make some AI changes and another BETA will be rolling. If no crucial BUGs appear... we can release 6.68c BETA map to the public. I also got 6.69`s changes and i`ll begin working on moving the 6.69`s content into the AI map.

Thursday, November 18, 2010

Good news

I`ve been really busy last weeks and now i`m slowly picking the AI script again. We are going to test the latest map i got and try to pinpoint and fix the critical bugs which the map porting introduced (yes there are new bugs... like we didn`t have enough with the older version lol). The most critical one (we called it NAB bug - 'Not Assembling Bug')... sometimes, totally random, a recipe disappears when bought and the item is not assembled. You can understand that this is a major flaw and map can`t be released in such a state.

On the good side... BuffMePlz aka BMP is back to the PD forums and he is helping us with advices and probably some fixes :) I`ll try not to overload him with my hundreds of questions :) but the knowledge he possesses is so precious that i can`t sleep thinking of the possibilities lol. I`m really happy!