Friday, November 4, 2011

Dota AI v6.72f AI 1.1 (UPDATED)

Hello, again.
Here is the updated Dota v6.72f AI 1.1 map with fixes to the most visible and confirmed bugs the community reported.

Bugfix list: HERE

LINKS: Dota AI v6.72f AI 1.1 English

MIRROR: Dota AI v6.72f AI 1.1 English


  1. Obrigado, Muito Bom o Trabalho de vocês Todos. O Brasil Agradece a todos.

    Mapa muito bom para quem não tem uma otíma internet!

  2. Thanks for the update! The bugs I come across in this map after a few games.
    - Pandaren Brewmaster would not revive after being killed in his separate Spirit form. I had to wait until I had enough money and bought myself out.
    - Sometimes the team ai would just group huddle in the middle of the map and do nothing. This can happen even if one of them let you know that they are going to another lane to ambush someone, but they would still just stand there.

    Anyway, thanks for the effort and work. Great map. :)

  3. First?
    Good job.
    thx very much pbmn!

  4. thx for first fix.
    i played two games now and found few bugs


    1. first 10-12 min in game everithing worked fine, after that a bought an item in side shop, and money was spent but no new items on my hero (had 2 empty slots). few min. after i tried to by some items at funtain shops and same thing happened - money spent, no item apeared

    2. same game as in first case, Bane didint triger my Magic Wand with his Brain Sap(twice that i have noticed)

    3. taht Lone druid is still having Radiance on his bear 14 min. in the game. Power Treads on druid and bear ... thats preaty sick in that part of game


    thats all i have noticed in first two games. i hope it will be of help to you for next bugfix release

    keep up the good work


  5. thanks!!

    go go DotA indonesia..

  6. First Blood :))


  7. WooW, Great PBMN, and Cloud_str!!

  8. First Blood...

    Thankz Dota-PBMN...


  9. Thx PBMN. I will post any bug if i found one.

  10. Ha , you rock man. How wonderful. Many thank about that fix . I try it now.

  11. Thank guys.
    It should be a great AI map!!!!

  12. Thanks for this update n for your hardwork..

  13. Hi, I've just play this map, it is much better than the previous map, Thanks. But there is something that I found when I played this map (DotA 6.72 AI Version 1.1 "Nightmare") and the previous map(DotA 6.72AI Version 1.0 "Nightmare") which is when I play with (-cm) mode, no matter I played with human(me+friends vs AI) or AI(me+AI vs AI), Terrorblade-The Soul Keeper is not in tavern as the round of Ban and Picking started. Can you fix it. Please (Terrorblade is my favourite hero, don't make him disappear), and thank you.

  14. i dont know this is a bug or not, but i killed roshan once and not long after that my team doing auto roshan (again) and roshan still alive.

  15. Once again Thx for hard work,I was wondering if it's posible to add mode "model size" like in Tiny ult. Olny visual effect for those like me who use custom models.

  16. Nice Work! AI reacts very well now to most situations. But when will it be possible to pick/ban the "new" heroes like Pitlord or Rooftrellen in -cm?

  17. there is a critical error! when i play with silencer, i don't know the error is. but there is a messages like this:
    Critical Error : found no avalable groups

    nearly 50 messages
    Note: i don't know how to send replay is
    thank PBMN

  18. At first congrats for this ai map,many significant changes. Possible BUG report :

    1.Slithice is quite unbalanced as an ally or enemy she is almost undeafetable.Or is it just my idea?

    2.Are you sure Spectre's Dispersion reflects 20% damage on lvl 4? I ve played several times and i ve noticed she hardly even reflects any damage..

    Thank you in advance!

  19. I found some bug from my friends play dota AI Map 6.72f v1.1:
    Kunkka Torent used a few times and then stops
    Barathum uses ulti when computer use eul, and he fly forever??
    Void uses ulti but he doesn't attack enemy hero

  20. Thank you very much!!! :)

    Realmente aprecio tu trabajo muvhas gracias por todo tu trabajo duro!

  21. sometimes the ai got stuck, they do not move unless -oa is typed

  22. i don't know why, but the AI on my side is usually stupid, and some hero still unperfect.
    some of them are viper (can't use poison), batrider (don't know how to kill except getting on his friend "about to kill", although i still can accept that).

    did you make it so that they will downgrade their intellegence if i'm losing too much?
    cause i'm feeling that way, and it's annoying.

    just now i'm playing twice n i feel that the one in my team are having hard time to decide to attack or move or just scurrying around.
    they become less effective dude. did i have to always order them around?

    oh, and sorry for the bad english, keep up the good work. :D

  23. Found a minor bug, items in the hero's slot tend to change. Eg, i put 2 items at the last 2 slots while the first 2 slots are still empty, after a while the items tend to switch to the first 2 slots instead of staying at the last 2 slots.
    Anyway~ GREAT WORK!!! LUV THE MAP~~~

  24. Thank you for giving us such amazing AIs. I found that they are really smarter than the previous one and they know how to follow when you are trying to do something.

    I have met a bug in the previous version(1.0). I use Kael and has an animal. I bought a +10 all attributes orb and press d on the animal, suddenly I got 10 or 11 +10 all attributes orb. Please check it for me.

    Another bug is that axe sometimes cannot let enemies attack him. I am sure that the enemies are in my effect range.

  25. Excuse me..

    Where can I post a bug for 6.27F not AI?

    I find a bug when I played it..thank you

  26. yeah first blood . . . . . nice job ^^

  27. Hello, PleaseBugMeNot, Thanks for your effort. Did you fix the problem of axe? I found that 1.1 ai is less smarter than 1.0 ai. I cannot explain very clearly, but just some feeling. Thank you for answering me.

  28. There is still some bug I though. While I was playing Kunkka, some error occured. My skills wont work, when killing hero, there's no notifier that I kill the hero (ex. I pwned U head .....) and there was a bubble water error in jungle...

    Please fix this error, sorry if my english was too bad....

  29. very nice map! love how the played. but they are not insane >.<

  30. Far Seer 2nd skill is bad. Please check and fix it in this ai v1.1 map.
    When Pandaren use Urn of Shadows item, it's not charge if panda kill enemy in ultimate form.Why...? And I still found some critical error message on screen and can't clear display with commant "-clear"
    Ok. Thankz...!

  31. Any Bug that I found. Bug in Far Seer Hero at 2nd skill. Urn of Shadow if used by Panda when in ultimate isn't charge if kill enemy. Critical error still found. Gondar visible/backstab skill not work well if hunt enemy hero. Okay thankz...!

  32. Hi,

    Nice version and allmost perfect.
    Just one thing : can you decrease imba power of a bit of hero, like Viper, he realy are a pain in the ass.

    Thanks every body for this amazing map.

    sorry for my bad english, I am swiss.

  33. nice map, you will give us a map after, more dificult, this is good, but I know, can be best, you´re a genius.

  34. Hi,

    Please, god, please, Lone druid get Radiance at 14 min, fix that, please!!!!!!

  35. AI Terrorblade have something wrong that should be fixed. Sometimes, the illusions cannot transform to range form, instead of remain in melee form.
    Hope this problems should be fixed quickly...

  36. I ask to add commands in enter+space+enter, to bypass the certain enemy hero and command by all to bypass the enemy hero. To learn AI to involve a smoke, and to add to some heroes to buy Animal courier. still if probably at start of game that AI chose casual positions and ran not expecting creeps. also I ask to correct AI buy bottle but do not use.

  37. shadow fiend ultimate does not work against some heroes. no damage, minimum slow. try 1 vs 5 insane ai with only 600 gold start and see. terrorblade, cm, phoenix, doom and dazzle were my opponent ai.