Wednesday, October 20, 2010

DotA 6.69 Secret, Hidden Quest and Easter Egg Guide & Solution

If you didn`t know yet, DotA 6.69 contains a hidden secret which will allow you to fight Icarus the Phoenix. To fight him, you must destroy the PreRune, the Red Runes and then kill all the IceFrogs on the map. Then you will get a nice reward for your efforts. The quest is removed in 6.69b, so i`m uploading 6.69 map here:

==>>> DOWNLOAD 6.69 MAP <<<==

Here is the guide:

To start the Quest you have to find the PreRune:

After you destroyed the PreRune, 2 Red Runes will appear on the map.

Both of the runes need to be destroyed. After that you need to find the IceFrogs which spawn on the map. They are invisible and you`ll need a gem to find them. Also they are unkillable by Physical attack and only magical attacks are available. So you can use Dagon for the purpose.
Here are the spots where you can find the IceFrogs:

After you killed all the IceFrogs, suddenly you will be killed and a message will appear: "Player has been killed by Phoenix". Well done, if that message appears, the Phoenix will appear at the boss spot on the right bottom of the map. Prepare before the battle, because the boss is very powerful:

The Phoenix got 20,000 HP and very fast regeneration. He has a special skill, summons a Super Nova. When the Super Nova is falling, all units will be stunned globally for 10 seconds. After you killed him, he will transform into an egg. But you didn`t win YET. The Phoenix reborns even more powerful!! Here you`ll probably need a cheat to kill him! EDIT: in the comments Timo says that using Guinsoo before killing the first Phoenix... will prevent him from spawning again.
After killing the Reborn Phoenix you`ll get 5 of those nice presents:

Ancient Medallion gives you +75 all stats, 9 illusions (active), 3x critical and some evasions.


==>>> DOWNLOAD 6.69 MAP <<<==


  1. Icefrog really was worried about this secret quest because all of the submitted/posted replays were done with cheats. Me too wanted to see Phoenix crawling with fear, beaten by DoTA masters without using any cheat. Do you have any replays or links for a replay perhaps PBMN? Thanks in advance and looking forward for an earlier realeased of 6.68c ai map.

  2. Chieftan was easier to kill than the Phoenix

  3. As i read... the Reborn Phoenix doesn`t get killed easy and i don`t think he can be killed without cheats.

  4. not even with a complete 5 hero team?

    like ursa, viper, nevermore and 2 other strong heros?

  5. i think it requires a complete 10 hero play, and dont bother taking towers out either. just focus on exp leveling and grinding for money to max level then all go harrass phoenix.

    special note to be taken care of, all heroes must be single-target type heroes. they cant have spells that cause aoe or spells that jumps.

    another special note, if you destroy the falling nova orb, it prevents stun. so have one team attack the nova while the others attack the phoenix.

    lastly, when he turns into an egg, all players are supposed to attack him with all their might and skill.

    (reminder that this is all IMO)

  6. use guinsoo b4 u kill him and he wont respawn ;-)

  7. PBMN, just recently Blizzard announces Blizzard Dota under Starcraft II Custom map, here's the link:

    What can you say about this video?

  8. PBMN how's ur AI process ? How many % would u say u have completed by now ? I juz wanna know cuz I rly can't wait for this 1 >.<

  9. @Ullysis LOL everyone and his mother started doing "new DotA`s"... i honestly don`t know what will happen... but one or more versions will fail... miserably.

    @Game i don`t know man... i`m currently working on my job and there are some serious bugs in the map which needs extra attention. I gave some info to the AITeam how to catch some of the buggy behavior and if they can help it will be awesome.

  10. just klik the IceFrog again and again... Then the frog will explode! xD

  11. I like playing dota all star so much and i'm waiting for 6.69AI and 6.70AI. When is there 6.69AI and 6.70AI?