Tuesday, October 5, 2010

DotA Allstars v6.68c AI Test

After some Dagon usage refinement i decided to test and record the performance.
Here is a test movie (scroll down and look for the SLOW DOWNLOAD button):

6.68cAI_TEST 126MB

Download the movie to see the monster Viper (still without Aghanim) and how the AIs use Dagon at certain conditions. If you have an AI with dagon closely... be fast with the killing! Or u`ll be left with an assist lol ;)

One thing i decided to show you from that movie... there is a moment where Ancient Apparition uses his ultimate Ice Blast on Drow Ranger. Then Drow Ranger is attacked by Nerubian Assasin... Nerubian first uses his stun on her... then uses Dagon. Apparently Drow has some HP left and survives the Dagon (u can see that on the screenshots below) but she met the Ice Blast "rule" of below 12% of the max HP and she got shattered by Ancient Apparition. I liked that lol... here are the shots.

PS. One more good news... ReliableGold System port status: 100% :)



  1. Video looks wicked ... Great job!

    So - can you already tell us something about the ETA?

  2. Hello, first of all, thank you for your hard work making AI players happy.

    I know that question is boring and you had seeing it everyday on playdota's forum.

    But when 6.68c AI is going to be released?

    I think it is almost there :)

  3. Well, guys. I would love to know the ETA but my current TODO list is counting 68 lines of things which should be added/fixed or modified for a better usage. I`ll be releasing betas at some point so it doesn`t mean i`m gonna do all that list before release. I`m also a person with a job and i`m gonna get busy pretty soon executing my contracts... so ETAs are out of question right now. Stay tuned.

  4. Take your time PBMN, we hate playing half-baked map. Thank you for making us :-> this

  5. may i request another link of video above ??
    i can't download this...