Tuesday, November 30, 2010

A little -test of Razor, Lightning Revenant

After a remake of Razor, Lightning Revenant - he stopped using his new skills. Now when he got his ultimate upgraded and when Deel decided to put an Aghanim`s to his item build, i tried to fill that hole and added some code to make Razor more useful. In the movie i couldn`t see if he used the Static Link, but i`m sure i saw it used in some of my other tests. This is only a basic test.. i hope i`ll find the time to enhance his conditions.

Note: I also tried to work on Thrall but things didn`t get as good as i expected. So it needs some more work and debugging. Also you can see some debug messages... so u can ignore Thrall and the debug info :)

Here is the file: RazorTest - 132.74 Mb


  1. Maybe you're right PBMN or else my eyes just tricked me this time, hard to tell, but thanks PBMN, what a relief after the leak-issue.

  2. I Think Razor's item build must being concentrated to movementspeed: Yasha or manta and travels; and did he bought Aghanim's Scepter or i miss this part, it would be great razor using ultimate for towers.


    Cant wait for your map... I am rooting for you man. PBMN Fighting!!

  4. and please try to change ur download server to ifile.it or other which doesn't have all the gold/premium account crap and we cud download at full speed.


  5. so no map coming up? I (like many others) have not downloaded the leaked version since I dont want a half cooked version spoil my patience-fruit. Please post some update regarding the status... would help many of us stay away from the leaked version.. ty!

  6. any cool updates since Nov 30 you can share with us pbmn? i visit your blog daily haha : )

  7. hello?? is PBMN stop updating this blogsite?

  8. Hey man whats up,

    How is the developement going on as of now? Just curious no pressure. Cant wait to play your ai map as always. Looking forward to it

    Greatest fan :D

  9. Dear pbmn

    I don't want to be a pest but since we haven't seen a status update on the ai map for 20 days now I have a quick question : is the testing proceeding smoothly, or have you hit another iceberg(some serious bug or sth like that)? I understand that you other things to do apart from the ai map but I would really appreciate a status update whenever u can.

    Keep it up