Sunday, January 16, 2011

Looky, Looky...

Awwww... do u know him? I see some balls rolling rofl...


  1. oh very intresting news, thats maybe the thoughest challange for that map, because he can learn more skills than the others. if you only give him 2 skills(spells) then it would be much easier but i think you will give him also moves he uses on different conditions. so nice work.

  2. Oh nice invoker bot ^^.
    Please make bots more "intelligent" if it's possible(I don't think on individual hero usage,but in make them gank,remove retarded acting like coming back to enemy with 10 hp,fighting till opponent has low hp,and then stop chasing him). Also please make them able to "change lane" as you want them to (for example,i'm down and all bots are up,i need help so i want someone of them(or all)to teleport down)and not to nearest lane because it's too far away.I hope you understand what I'm saying because my English is very bad.Thanks.

  3. if my eyes wrong me.. v6.69c AI BETA1? Wow :-)