Friday, April 8, 2011

DotA Allstars v6.70c AI Test, INVOKER

Hey... here some new tweaks for Invoker (-test mode). A perfect usage of SunStrike finish.
Invoker wins :D

Oh BOY! Now imagine how he does that to YOU!! LOL


  1. But that is if he see the whole map right ? What if he cannot see ??? Will he cheat ???o.O

  2. all these updates are awesome !!!
    Can't wait to play!

  3. @Game Well it`s a -test and -fog mode. I guess there is no fog and he can see the whole map. It has a visibility check and i did not use any cheating in any aspect in Invoker`s code. It`s all pure math and logics. So in normal game he should only kill visible for him heroes.

  4. All pure math and logics... Great!
    In my opinion, we can let the ai cheat like the ai player can see the whole map if it makes the ai stronger, why not? At least I won't cry "You f**king MH" nor report to the admin :)
    Btw the invoker is very well designed even in 6.69c. Really good job, it plays much better than me,haha.
    One feedback for the build of the heros: I noticed that many heros don't choose the best items for them, for exemple: pl never makes radiance; medusa prefer buriza-do then skadi.
    Of course, buriza-do is a powerful item, but the skadi is even better for medusa then buriza-do I think, and the radiance is the soul of pl.
    My suggestion is that Mr.PBMN can use some pro's reps as the reference when he designs the build for the heros. Well, it's always easy to say but hard to do, I hope the ai map will be better and better but not a big better at once.
    Thanks a lot again for your great work, btw when the 6.70 will be released?

  5. I`ll talk with Deel who is in charge of those builds.
    6.70c AI - soon!

  6. 6.70c soon? how soon is the question. xD

  7. Someone seemed a lil bit fired up? X)

    how soon? =b

    Your doing a great job man!

    Your a good man, a good man indeed. =)

  8. Good job!
    You can add hero guardian wisp & mod -cm?

  9. and...You can make Phoenix so IMBA. I'm sure this!

  10. I also agree if u make AI can see whole map or something to make it more stronger by not changing the whole AI script..

    Why? Because i play a lot with AI map, and some time AI player don't chase when opponent HP is low or cast skill to kill enemy heroes, because of the fog or other thing..

  11. Very soon? LOL.. You know, soon after i found the true AI Dota blogspot.. I forgetting to search from other site, i follow this blog feed..

    So, don't be rushed to release a new version.. I understand it's not easy to make good AI, so take your time PBMN. Make the best AI you can, fixes some bugs before release a new one.

    Keep up the great work!

  12. I also agree with allowing ai to chase more efficiently even if it means giving them mh.
    But what bothers me is the fact that ai has hardcoded increased move speed when chasing them which makes it unrealistic. Is there a possible mode or command to remove increased movespeed on ai?

  13. As far as i know the move speed, hp and mp regen are wc3 engine feature... you can`t touch this.

  14. hmm...
    just guessing, but are you going to release this at the time Icefrog releases 6.72?

  15. Well guys, I think the best thing that we can do is waiting patiently the new map and stop asking the release date, it's very hard to make the ai map.