Monday, January 23, 2012

DotA 6.73c AI status and TRANSLATIONS of DotA 6.72f AI 1.2

Hello, DotA AI players.
We finished 6.73b AI map porting and began broken AI fixing and adding the new heroes AIs.
6.73c changes will be ported soon too. I can`t predict a release date but a new item buying / item builds system is in the oven too.

Here are the translations i promised.

Here are the translations i said i`ll put after the holidays. A bit late but hey better than never.

ENGLISH(the original AI map): Dota AI v6.72f AI 1.2 English

FILIPINO: Dota AI v6.72f AI 1.2 Filipino

CHINESE: Dota AI v6.72f AI 1.2 Chinese or Dota AI v6.72f AI 1.2 Chinese by xuyou

Русский: Dota AI v6.72f AI 1.2 Russian

GERMAN: Dota AI v6.72f AI 1.2 German

Português - Bra: Dota AI v6.72f AI 1.2 Português - Bra

Ελληνικά: Dota AI v6.72f AI 1.2 Greek

Español: Dota AI v6.72f AI 1.2 Spanish

About the Greek map: ΠΡΟΣΟΧΗ: Χρειάζεται η εγκατάσταση του Warcraft III GR.exe για να απεικονίζονται οι ελληνικοί χαρακτήρες. Λήψη από:
Διορθώσεις και σχόλια για την ελληνική έκδοση στο


  1. Thanks !! but, is there any chance to have a french version in the futur

  2. Valve needs to hire your team to work on their AI. Great work!

  3. Please fix inkoker Tornado with EMP and not Tornado with Sun Strike

  4. i'm waiting for your awesome work PBMN...
    you are the greatest AI creator after all...
    thank you for your tireless work...

  5. great! hope that it came out around february

  6. PBMN could you use Filefront service to upload the maps ?? These websites that you use are freaking slow ! hgaha


  7. PBMN thy for this great work. i tried mapping so often, i cant count and sometimes (triggers^^) its hard and boring work. i wont know how many work do you spend in programming ai. but i love to play with ai. thy for the bots ;)
    greetz mad

  8. Потрясающе,бесконечно рад и благодарен вам за то что вы делаете доту AI!!! ОГРОМНОЕ СПАСИБО!!!

  9. where is the Indonesia Version ? ? ?