Friday, December 28, 2012

Happy Holidays!

Hello my dear friends,

Firstly i want to wish you Happy Holidays and Happy New Year from me and the AITeam.

Secondly... we are currently working on porting all the features of the new maps up to 6.77. When finished, all the broken&new skills and AI usage must be fixed. Also the new heroes will need some basic AI :) Item builds needs tweaking too. A very FAT TODO list... loads of work. And i`m not saying anything about perfecting the general AI and tweaking the personal hero conditions!

Also a new developer joined our AI team! Say 'Hi' to Ciel (Asuka).
Keep rocking! We sure do!

Best Wishes,


  1. Oh Ciel, is that the guy with un-official 6.77 AI map ? It would be great if anyone setup the AI to buy courier for player :)

  2. Hi, Ciel, :)

    i hope a new 6.77 AI map is more better than Before, and i know AI team will do the best !!

  3. happy new year bro, please release AI map 6.77 quickly and do it specially (such as command insane and team mate) thankz .

  4. I want to Say 'Hi' to all AI'Teams Developers.

    i'm still waiting the next map from you.

    December 28 --> Today, "A Week". hope you post again and tell me what just happen to AI map. :)

    sory for my bad english..

  5. Nice! Keep up the good work. :D

  6. Hi, i've played Dota since the first time it was available, even before mercenaries and allstars. This day when im not playing with friends i find it amusing to play with your AI map, so very very big thanks in adnvance. Im also playing Dota 2 at the momment and to my surprise, the bot system in Dota 2 is AMAZING. The AI really does their job! i.e as total supporter, dazzle always heal you in times of need, AI support you attacking enemy heroes when you decide to kill while laning on lower level (unlike the current version of AI map on Dota while they will stay creeping and not helping me before they got to level 6, even what they need only a simple last hit, thus i find it really stupid), AI buying you courier, AI buy observer ward and place them the entire game. And for the current AI map out there, i think you should revise on how AI do their ganking, well if you play your map, you will know that they behave obviously stupid.

    Overall, I want to thank you for every AI map of yours and the team made. I found them really amusing to play when I'm alone. I hope to see some improvement in the latest release.

    Best Regards

  7. Dude! Happy Holidays to you too! And thanks for giving time to this project we so much enjoy.
    Thank you. Really.

  8. I'm a BIG fan of YOUR WORK... Keep up the good work PBMN XD

  9. hello pbnm can you add new game mode before -ap,
    -cm. when in this mode the ai can troll you/ lure you while setting up ambush and add several human trick eg; techies setting up bomb before the game start to get 1st blood, arc warden setting up his wraith waiting for player who is creep blocking for getting 1st blood, and activate skill that has magic invulnerability for a split second to avoid ult,stun and etc.
    the reason I wanted this become a mode so player that has been able to defeat ai on dynamic mode can get more challenge, and the new player can play with the normal ai if they didn't input the troll mode. Thanks

  10. still no update for this MAP? its already feb. please release 6.77b AI

  11. When will the new map be out its been a long time since 6.74...please we need it soon.....

  12. SIr I apprciat ur work and only hop to do the AI maps For us and our skills with heros will improve K so TY for Ur Outstanding work!!

  13. what is the current status? have not seen a recent post here. cant wait for the latest ai map.

  14. are you continue make 6.77b AI map ???