Thursday, September 30, 2010

Some small map fixes

Apparently i missed some things for 6.67Rev2d... things like Treant`s -aid behavior... he will just Nature Guise you if not in cool down but now i fixed it firstly to check if there is no Living Armor on you and if not he will cast one and if there`s an Armor buff on you... he will cast Nature.
Also Slayer had no skill build and some skills were not learned.


  1. first of all, thank u for the new AI maps.
    and now I'm wondering, are these fixes updated to the 6.67Rev2d maps, or these will be updated in the 6.68 map that u r working on?
    thanks again :)

  2. IF 6.68 goes good i`ll leave those fixes for 6.68c AI... BUT if 6.68c continues to be stubborn and not working right... i`ll have to release some fixes for Rev2e