Monday, October 11, 2010

DotA Allstars v6.69 was released

Yes, that was fast :) and some of the changes are harder than the others... and the changes are a lot. After releasing of a 6.68c AI BETA, i`ll start looking at 6.69`s changes.
I also may add some of the 6.69`s bug fixes to the current version. Fixes like:

* Fixed Charge of Darkness showing a dummy unit with HP bar
* Fixed a fatal error possible with Skewer


- Battle Hunger slow increased to 10%
- Cooldown on Aghanim's Culling Blade reduced from 15 to 10 seconds

The only "bad" things are.. the item recipes changes. That means loads of the item builds will be broken... after the major overhaul in 6.68 AI item builds. Those builds (6.68) are almost ready and testing which is the reason i`ll release 6.68 AI first.

Get the map from:


  1. Damn!, most of my favorite items like eyeofskadi were overhauled by icefrog, but take your time Bro, again as i've mentioned before we don't want a half-baked ai map.

    PS: Is Harreke an asian or Chinese?

  2. Yay! No wonder his name sounds Chinese to me, btw I wanted to know the progress of .68ai map, percentage perhaps of the entire project? Sorry for my bad english, english is not my native language:)

  3. Well the latest item builds are being tested right now. If the items are ready and i`m satisfied with most of the changes ported from 6.68c i will release a working beta so i get some more time porting the other changes.

  4. But my time is never enough... ^^

  5. I'd like to know if you're working alone and doesn't have any beta testers? Coz' when Harreke publicly accepted/took-over the ai project, he has a lot of beta testers(not sure)and in his 6.68ai map project, they segregated the workload/codes of every heroes(not sure also if you're one of them) and yet no ai map was released up to now.

  6. There is a group of very kind volunteering people who are helping me with the testing because i don`t even have time for a full game. Also they are helping with the item builds and 1-2 persons are coding the builds as i`m so slow when i have to build the item builds... and i may need months just to update the broken ones lol. The coding, bugfixing and partial testing is my part. Also i got very nice help codewise and advice-wise from cipd, Phaselock and some other people. SO i`m not alone but the hardest part i prefer doing myself to keep the changes consistent... also if some change turns bad i want to know exactly what was done to undone it.

  7. Great! Thanks PBMN! This could be my last question for you: How do you rate yourself(pls choose from 1-10, 1 is the lowest) as a DoTA player? I'm pretty sure you're really god at it.

  8. Nah, i`m really a DotA noob. I didn`t play the map much (maybe some months) when i decided to have a look at the AI script. I know how the AI will react but i just played for fun with some friends. I can say that i`m a DotA and JASS noob :)

  9. yea! keep up the good work man, u have my support! All the best!

  10. Sorry for asking you such silly question, im just curious that maybe there's a certain sentinel/scourge hero you liked most, and you know, since you're the one that does the coding, I think there is a hero that could top every game(like naga, ursa etc.). Is it possible to do that? I mean can you code a hero to excel every game? A hero who's play-style is coded/copied from a pro player?

    Sorry for another boring and troll epic questions. Sorry for my bad english:<

  11. Well, if i like some hero, very, very much i might invest more time into making his/her AI... like some other extra function which will make some unique for the AI things. I had to do that for Nerubian Assasin and Treant`s Sentinels. And i plan to do some extra work for Io, The Guardian Wisp as i want to make him the mega supporter/buffer in the whole game. But some heroes just need 4-5 lines at the right places and they start to own... this only shows that those heroes have very well synergistic/imba skills which work good for them without a need for extra coding.

  12. Happened to visit this morning(asian time) and saw your forum about ai map rev2d, why they always complain about bugs from the old ai maps? Do you have anything to do with those previous ai maps? Or Rev2d map is the only map accounted to your name?

  13. b,c,d are under my name. And people are too ignorant or just can`t see that they are playing older maps.

  14. lol! Thanks PBMN, Thanks for making DoTA what it is today! It is a great honor for me and the rest of the DoTA fans to have you here in DoTA. Hope to see you soon when the new DoTA Valve arrives. btw Icefrog released an update for tomorrows D-DAY announcement to be made by Gameinformer about Valve DoTA, are you aware of it?(I know you are)

  15. I play a lot of AI and have a mega list of bugs umm or very obvious things that AI doesnt do.. (btw I am talking about your latest map)

    some off the top of my mind--

    1. Major bug - AI suddenly TPs back to the tower after a successful push and then runs the whole length of the lane again to reach at the same point.

    2. Doesn't go and buy items when it has (huge) money until forced to do so

    3. AI doesn't care about base very much after tier 3 is gone...

    4. One super awesome thing would be if a human runs near a lane towards the enemies, AI could sense the gank and appropriatly take more risk and use their skills - it has occucred manytimes to me that AI is busy beating creeps when one enemy is running with RED and I am desperately trying to take on multiple others.
    If AI could gank or assist in ganks I believe the AI usage would easily double.

    5. Some item fixes - like for some reason drow going for hood and vitality booster - which I have never seen in comp or pub games

    6. Another cool feature would be to introduce some basic commands for AI similar to CS like when I say b they know they need to back or if I say stick then they stay/come near me in case I wanna initiate or I (human) sense a push and wanna defend.

    enough for now I guess... will post more again sometime :)


  16. AI have a problem with -od mode,sometimes or never listen this command...try it!