Monday, October 11, 2010

Just a small rant

Hi, people.
I`m getting all kinds of bug reports for versions which were released MONTHS ago. Some even still play some buggy BETAS with bugs as ancient as the dinosaurs. Bugs which are fixed and long forgotten. One guy showed me a screenshot and GUESS WHAT... I BET THAT THE FRIGGIN SITTING BULL WAS PLAYING THAT VERSION BACK THEN IN HIS SMELLY TENT LOL.
PLEASE, be sure you are playing the latest DotA map before trying to contact us for bug fixing.
Thank you!

This is the Sitting BULL if u`re wondering who is he lol... nice guy... i hope he didn`t complain much BECAUSE Kaldr bought only Ring and SALVES! rofl:


  1. Hey, are you solving bugs from 6.59 AI version??????????????????????

    because I discovered many bugs...

    kkkkkkkkkkk, just kidding

  2. Your signature over @ PD says "6.68c Beta" - so is there a beta available for testing yet? If not - is there like ... some kind of an application for testing anywhere? :)

  3. Well, the AI team has a BETA swapping around with many broken item builds... but they use it only to test a certain new aspects in the script... not yet ready for playing.

  4. Er...Where should I get the lastest test map?I'm mean the 6.68 AI map...
    Or email me the map? Address:, Thanks.

  5. From nowhere. The map is still unplayable.