Monday, March 28, 2011

DotA 6.70c AI news and Invoker`s AI Feedback

Great news, we began working on 6.70c AI with IceFrog`s blessing. Things are going smooth... i can say smoother than ever. Here is my first test of the 2 new imported heroes: Phoenix and Tuskarr.

They still lack item and skills builds, but we will fix that. I can`t promise full AI for both of them but let`s say i`ll try to make at least the one having AI. Also i want to work on some old heroes and more items to be usable by the AI.

Speaking of AI... i`m very glad of the feedback i`m getting about Invoker`s AI. I`ll continue tweaking his reactions and hopefully he`ll be even better in the next releases. Some day he might have different skill builds, item builds and skills combos corresponding to his builds. It`s a complex system with a very fragile balance.. and one must be very careful to not disturb the equilibrium (great movie btw). Here some quotes:

crisgon wrote:
Cant beat him on 1vs1 -ap mode, he uses his skills almost perfectly, good job PBMN keep it up!!

GravedamN wrote:
I love that classic Blast/Meteor combo, and also the Tornado/SStrike combo.
I was chasing him once with Pudge when he was at about 100 hp and then I was like "Shit, the fucker Ghost Walks too." Tried to hook him but I don't use low dodge mode, so I failed.

But the most impressive is his APM. My laning APM is quite high, but from mid-game, it drops to between 90 and 110. That Invoker had close to 150 and, most importantly, he changes his balls at hyper speed without ever having to stop. That was quite impressive.

I have to say, I was not disappointed. He's a great team player and he's pretty decent. One of the best AI laners in the game right now. He was my ally and solo mid and, by 6 mins, my cs was 27/7 and his was 26/9. I raged.

Well, he was farming about 45 mins in a game and he was ganked by a Balanar, Luna, KotL and Venge.
He ultra-killed them. Blast/Meteor then Tornado while he Manta Styled and auto-attacked the four of them. His Linkens apparently saved him from being silenced by Balanar. I believed he used his Alacrity afterwards. Can't remember.

It took me about thirty seconds to gather my shit. I just realized I should have taken a screenshot.

PBMN, well done man.

mrEd88 wrote:
he used all of his skill..n ownd every living being on his path

reidzeibel wrote:
Second play : 5 (me, Insane Invoker, 3 easy AI) vs 5 Insane AI, -apnnst, Invoker outleveled everyone, getting Ultra kills like twice, even pushed the mid lane alone and crushed both barracks...


  1. My com so fail !!! Every time I play this map 6.69cAI My com shut down when Invoker's getting good !!! >.< can't see his actions but he owned my teammate AI XD fun to see Invoker&Kaldr figt though !!!They both good!And if team them up it juz the match's too awesome XD

  2. er..batrider/shadow demon still use his ulti on creep. its a depression for me to see it if they are my allies..

  3. Wow! A blessing from Icefrog! You deserve it! But I am expecting not just a blessing from Icy, I am hoping that Icefrog will set-aside his "one man-army mentality" for a moment and have called you and your beta testers instead to lead the AI TEAM for DoTA 2.

    My plead to Icefrog for PBMN to be included as the head of the AI TEAM in DoTA 2:

    P = lease
    B = ring
    M = e
    N = ow!

  4. not sure whether it is only happen to me.

    This is the story.

    if the AI enemy consist one of the invisible hero like stealth assassin, gondar, or clinkz, the ai will purchase a gem, and what the problem is even after they (the ai) died, the gem still exist in their inventory although the gem has dropped during their death.

    Is it a bug or me my self who experience it.

    Thanks for the great AI.

  5. Well done PBMN for the great 6.69c AI..Hope you can continue doing this job for Dota community, although you dont got any penny for doing this.