Saturday, March 26, 2011

DotA Allstars v6.69c AI (BETA)

Here we go again, another release of our beloved DotA AI map.
I want to thank all the people in the AITeam who took extra care for this release and ported most of the changes in the map. Thank you, guys! Cya in the next release

Now, I present to you:

DotA Allstars v6.69c AI (BETA)


DOWNLOAD: DotA Allstars v6.69c AI (BETA)

MIRROR: DotA Allstars v6.69c AI (BETA)

DOWNLOAD: DotA Allstars v6.69c AI (BR)

MIRROR: DotA Allstars v6.69c AI (BR)

DOWNLOAD: DotA Allstars v6.69c AI (RU)

MIRROR: DotA Allstars v6.69c AI (RU)

That release should be memorized as the first one with AI for Kael, Invoker. I think he has a room for improvement but let`s see how it goes . I would like to see feedback for his accomplishments. He usually starts slow, but after he gets lower Invoke cd and enough mana... things get HOT!



  1. Goodness. You weren't lying about releasing it Saturday. 6 minutes past midnight...

    I've been lurking about but I want to thank you for your work. Your AI has gotten much more advanced and I can't imagine how much time has gone into this map that you could use in your real life. So to make it worth your effort, the least I and thousands of AI Dota fans can do is enjoy this release (and perhaps provide some constructive feedback rather than whine about release dates).

    I encourage other lurkers to unburrow and rain praise upon this man.

  2. Thank you for the kind words!

  3. Hello PBMN,first thank you very much for all your effort that you put in this AI map.
    I just played two games with my friend (we prefer bots over humans,no idea why),and we noticed this:
    1.Invoker didn't play so bad,but not so good either.
    He is using his skills pretty good,but still lacks something (can't really say what). He had 8/10 at the end.
    2.Butcher! was pretty much useless like in every game,not using hook,just charging,turning rot on,and eating enemy,doing nothing special and dying right after.He had 3/9 at the end,and at some points he was underleveled.
    3.Rylai wasn't so bad,using her skills,but was underleveled same as pudge,and sometimes charging in 5 know what that does,2/6 on the end.
    4.Viper is just great,he is always owning. 13/3
    5.Earthshaker...what can i say,rarely using skills,underleveled,died alot...1/11
    6.Tidehunter..well almost like earthshaker,just using his skill.He had 0/11
    7.Ancient is nice hero,playing very good. 6/8
    8.Same for Vengeful,could swap little more. 5/10
    That is my game,and no,we are not pro players.
    Also I noticed that enemy bots have dropped bunch of items in their base,like RoR's,Salves,planewalker's cloak...

  4. Good job! Invoker AI is a great achievement! Correction of other heroes as well! You should not stop because we expect from you complete the AI ​​for all characters! Success in your work! You are doing wonderful things!

  5. Special thanks for the Russian version of the map!

  6. Finally, latest version DotA AI... hopefully things go well after some annoying situation..

    Let me check this map. If something gone wrong i will tell.

  7. Thank You for great work. From Russia with love ^-^

  8. Thanks for the new map, my id doesnt get approval from so i cant post any bug found in the ai map.. Ill post it on here, i found that admiral tidebringer will lost on it effects and looks after a several death..

  9. hey PBMN I am a fan of dota-utilities and dota-blog site...and this day i found your site, its was like "wtf!" when i read about your post about how they steal things from u...Now I won't let myself be there in they're shitty sites. And thank you very much for continuing the development of AI Maps I really appreciate ur effort even though it takes month, I myself know how hard it is to make a Map. So thats all, Thank you and God Bless You ;)

  10. Also I would like to apply for beta testing,my nick on playdota is Psykeeper and I already told this to green sliche,he said that he will talk to you about that,just reminder in case you forgot.

  11. @ Mark Micah.
    Get Your Facts Right. Dota-Blog does not Steal Things From PBMN( this Blog) Credits Are Given Everywhere Please Check First before Flaming. dota-utilities Was the one stealing Things and leaking out PBMN's Maps They dun Give out Links to PBMN's Blog Cause They dun wan ppl to come here .Whereas Dota-blog Gave u guys link to this place. Not in fear of losing Fans. And BTW Dota-Blog just Inform People About Things and Gave Credit to them . We Did Not say we are the creators of the map mind u.

  12. Joon Kiat is right. D-U site is the bad guy :D

  13. ohh well, It's nice that people in this blog explains it well ^^. Now I know that d-u is the only blog who steals it, not dota-blog ^_^

  14. @Mark Micah

    Yeah i just hope to clear your wrong mindset about Dota-Blog. Btw i am From Dota-bLog Lol.

  15. Dude... Use Mediafire mirrors. So much better!
    Other than that, good work!

  16. Hi,

    while I was playing this map, a week ago - great work by the way, very great work - I was pushing top lane when I found Slithice running away. She had a salve that I think she planned to use, but somehow she activated it on a creep. Is that a bug or an error, since that didn't appear in the 6.68c version?

    Keep it up, can't wait for future releases (: