Friday, March 25, 2011

More Invoker tweaks...

Invoker is GODLIKE! :)
Awesome, yes?


  1. Greetings PBMN,

    I saw there was Razor in the screenshot, means there is other hero that have complete AI or just invoker?

  2. Razor has AI since 6.68c AI map.

  3. Good Day your Highness!

    1. BMP's retirement in making DoTA ai maps came shortly after Invoker was introduced by Icefrog.

    2. Or maybe BMP find Invoker too complicated to be coded?

    What do you think PBMN? BTW, Congratulations for a job well done!

  4. I think that BMP didn`t have enough time to do it... after all decrypting, porting new changes, fixing bugs. You see... porting the new stuff and fixing the bugs puts improving at a later stage...
    when there is some free time.

    Also Invoker`s AI was not so complicated to make.. there is no doubt that BMP could make one if given enough free time to improve the AI.

  5. i hope this 'awesome' invoker can pawn these 4-in-a-team(little brother's team)

    -lich king
    -twin head dragon
    -any ai character

    it just owns me everytime! . >_<"

    anyway good job PBMN!! =D

  6. Hello PBMN,

    I have a request, hope its not burdening you. Could you make a ai map with female killing sound on it, it could be fun to here female voice in Dota. LOL. Anyway thanks and keep up the awesome work.


  7. LOL!) Invoker carrier of the entire team = ))

  8. Now it is time to share him with people

  9. okay i take back my words, Invoker is awesome. =D