Tuesday, May 31, 2011

I`m back!

Hello, again.
I`ve been busy for some time with a lot of work but now i`m kinda free for some time. I`m going to work hard to release 6.71&6.72
The AITeam did a great job while i was away.. i tried to concentrate on my work so i can finish it faster and get some time for the AI.
So, expect some news in the near future. Stay put :)


  1. Go Go Go PBMN!
    Russian Players every day wait for good news from you!
    Thanks Great from our russian doters!

  2. YEAH GO PBMN!! it will the best present for me after taking all this hard exam

    looking forward to rubick AI hope it will as mad as your invoker

  3. Wow... i'm so excited!!
    thank you and the AI team alot!!

    Will always stay on tune with your blogspot! :D

    Sorry about my bad English! :D

  4. great! thanks for giving your time for the AI. I am developer too and I can relate with Work and Free projects.

  5. Feels like the Holidays doesn't it?

  6. are you guys going to release it soon? it's been a long time.

  7. Great! We wait with a lot of hope. Thank u so much for ur work!!!

  8. greeeeeeeeeat work, thank you man

    you and your team are the best!

    waiting for the next version!

  9. i suggest you all make the dota 6.72ai and give up dota 6.71ai because the dota 6.71 ai is not change any just same like before map

  10. Hi PBMN, i'm from indonesia.
    i noticed that AI bot hadn't responded well to Jinzak's firefly. They just walking around and not trying to dodge the spell. Sometimes, while on low HP, they don't feel if the ground still burning and they keep coming to it. My friend always make an easy kill at level 2 using Jinzak when he is going solo in a lane.

    Anyway, i like your work, it's just awesome!
    ps : sorry for my bad english

  11. Good job. Can't wait for the new map :)

  12. Good job! Can't wait for the new map :)

  13. any chance of a percentage completion status to let us all know where your up to upon the nxt release?