Friday, June 10, 2011

Some thoughts

Here is a status update. I started reviewing the changes which AITeam made while i was gone.
It seems that 6.71b is ready for a release apart from some AI corrections on my part... which i`ll have to do in the next days or next week.

On 6.72... most things are ported... really nice progress. I have to do some verification process but tests are showing fine results.
There is a new AI gold/exp system in the works which will make those pwnage AIs less rewarded and the underachievers getting back in game.
So i`m planning on 6.71b release, then 6.72a with pwnage Slark and then maybe 6.72c.
6.72a and c will have 2 versions (with and without dynamic exp/gold).
Those are my plans... for now. They may change if something unexpected happens.



  1. Thanks PBNM, even though I can compete with other pro players in RGC or Garena, I still play your AI maps, haha I like how Invoker Sometimes kill me with sunstrike haha! Anyways thanks again more power to you and the AI Team !!

  2. Looks like will be GREAT !
    Nice job PBMN and, of course, AITeam.
    Can't wait !

  3. Hi.. I have some suggestions, it would be nice if the AI's had more mobility around the map, more teambattles, and at one time some team was roshan .. would?
    try to bring a game online.. ;D

    Nice work PBMN!

  4. we don't want your soul burned to the ground :(

  5. good news fron you pbmn!

    Just a thought...
    Can you change the medusa ai late game item build into..
    1 -power treads str
    2 -linken sphere
    3 -manta
    4 -butterfly
    5 -eye of skadi
    6 -satanic
    because that is the best item build for her (3k hp, 1.6k mana so effective mana shield plus nearly 300 atk and 30 evasion slow+lifesteal).. Just activate her satanic when her health is 40% while attacking her enemies. Also make her activate split shot when killing huge creep wave and before activating manta in team fight split shot must be on for the illusions to have it and stone gaze when most enemies are looking. That ai will hard to kill trust me just be sure that she farm in the neutral camp and defend her base to get many gold.

    Thanks for ai maps..! Good luck and sorqy if this is long-winded

  6. Maybe later you could make them Roshan and stuff on their own?

  7. So this new gold system will make it seem more "fair" for newbies against harder AI?

  8. yeah.making AI more team ganking will attract much attentions.^^

  9. ah...can't wait xDDDDDD
    nice ... nice .... nice... xDDD

    thank a lot Mr. PBMN and Mrs. AI Team xDDDDD

  10. Thanks for your hard work
    we are waiting patiently for 6.71 AI and 6.72 AI

  11. GREAT JOB PBMN and of course AIteam really looking forward to your awesome release,really glad to hear this news from you

  12. still waiting still waiting T.T

  13. Good one, I think AI palyers take to much advantage in the begining: perfect denay, expensive items, etc. I hope you correct these issues in the next version, Great work.

  14. My friends and I are so excited! Thanks for all your and the team's hard work on the AI maps ^_^