Saturday, June 25, 2011

DotA v6.71b AI "VENGEANCE"

Greetings! Welcome to the latest official AI DotA custom map.

VENGEANCE ... REVENGE, COMEBACK. Those are the feelings which a poor, pwned AI soul feels while his spirit fades out, slowly in the breezing air. Now the time has come, to stand for all they believe in. The new dynamic exp/gold mode is ON. The pwned AI players will get exp and gold bonuses which will bring back their might and get them a second chance to finish the game with honor. Here, I devote this release to the name: VENGEANCE... feel the wrath of the poor scripted souls.


DotA v6.71b AI EN
DotA v6.71b AI BR
DotA v6.71b AI RU

Enjoy DotA v6.71b AI, codenamed VENGEANCE!



1. All the data from 6.71/6.71b changelist at the official DotA website. Too long to paste it all here.


1. New Dynamic Exp/Dynamic Gold mode. Here are some explanations how it works:
AI have bonus rate in XP and GOLD. Human rate is 100% XP and 1 GOLD / 0.875s (8G / 7s). AI rate is higher than that.

So, when AI hero kills, he gets -15% xp, and -4G/7s (from current bonus rate) and if the current rate is higher than the starting rate, it resets to starting rate

When AI hero dies, he gets + 15% xp, and +4G/7s (to current bonus rate), if current rate is lower than starting rate, it resets to starting rate

When AI hero gets an assist, he gets -7% xp and -2G/7s (from current bonus rate)

Min rate for AI is human rate (it won't get lower than that), there is no max rate

2. Two new sections in the scoreboard showing the current AI XP and GOLD rate. There might be up to 2.5s delay in scoreboard update for the rate

3. De/Dg mode is enabled by default, unless ne/ng is enabled

4. Various internal fixes. The big job for fixing the broken AI for 6.72 will begin soon.


  1. awesome !! i cant say another words, just awesome

  2. yay finally!!!
    thank you PBMN!!!
    u r the best!!!

  3. gj wating for 6.72c.trying this vers. now thank you

  4. awesome work PBMN! can't wait to test the new AI system :D

  5. Wow thank you for another new Map PBMN :D Godbless you always and please continue making AI Maps, ur the best AI maker ive eva seen, fast development of maps, stable maps, and even smart ass AIs, Thank You very much again :)

  6. Finally here!
    kudos to the man!

  7. Hi. Thanks for the new version. Some thoughts:

    1. Dynamic system is too dynamic. Make the increments and decrements less drastic. Also, initial rate is too high (1.80 for exp is way too high).

    2. Starting inventory of AI is still too imba. They have approx. 1000 Gold inventories (For example, 1 Bracer + 1 GG + 1 RoR + 2 Salves = 1128 Gold) when they should have 603 Gold (I normally play -nengap).

    3. Other things...(a) Enemy AI should be able to Rosh. (b) AI should be able to attack Ancient creep camps. (c) Bug: Sometimes AI still drop their items at fountain and never pick it up... (d) Defense. AI are not very good at it. In particular they often defend the side that is least threatened (tower still up and no enemy heroes in lane) and get raxed on the side that is actually getting pushed. Also, AI don't defend the throne..many times approximately 3 creeps end the game because no AI hero thinks the throne is important.

    Hope all that was helpful.

  8. Hi! I wonder if it is just me but my game crashes when I create a game using this map. Other maps start well.

    I get a FATAL error talking about some memory that can't be 'written'.

    Hope to hear a response. More power.


  9. Hi again! Just want to paste this in. A portion of the error log.

    Warcraft III (build 6401)

    Exe: C:\Program Files\Warcraft III\war3.exe
    Time: Jun 27, 2011 12:38:48.299 AM
    User: bEanDeW
    Computer: BEANDEW601

    This application has encountered a critical error:


    Program: C:\Program Files\Warcraft III\war3.exe
    Exception: 0xC0000005 (ACCESS_VIOLATION) at 001B:0192005B

    The instruction at '0x0192005B' referenced memory at '0x0AAA1000'.
    The memory could not be 'written'.



  10. First blood!

    Thanks PBMN! I wish I could work with the AI versions soon. :D

  11. Great Work,I hope 6.72 come soon... Can't Wait.

  12. Failed first blood attempt

    anyway, Thanks PBMN, my one and only lord.

  13. Agree with M.
    But I'll also add some comment on the map.
    The AI doesn't always obey commands like defence (-od)!
    What they usually do is go back a little and then go attack again with the upcoming creep wave.
    Please fix that.
    Except what was stated that is all.
    Thanks for the work. :)

  14. Hi PBMN! Thanks for this map but I got to say that
    there are heroes that needs to be improved:

    *Troll, Raijin and Mirana are little weak w/c they shouldn't be.

    *Invoker, Necrolic and Kaldr are too imbalanced.

  15. i wonder why couriers take heavy damage when they get near the recipe shops' fence of the opposite team although they are way out of range of the fountain's attack range

  16. Stygian desolater and Templar Assassin (Lanaya) are not compatible. When you max out Psi-blades then pickup/buy Stygian desolater the effect of psi blades is lost permanently.

  17. good map. keep up the good work!

  18. When I finish a particular game with this AI map, in the end it tells me to send PBMN that replay. Why does this happens?

    This is what it appears:
    "Please send me this replay(44)"

  19. hows the update going on 6.72f ai?

  20. when will u make the new ai map.6.72 please.:(

  21. Excuse Me..
    My name is Erick Eka
    When I played 6.71b AI, there are 6 player in sentinel.It.s happen when I use -airepick in pause game

    I Hope can be fixed soon..thanks..
    here the screen shot..